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I help entrepreneurs and ideas-people bring concepts to life by building cost-effective, cross-platform apps that are quick to develop and easy to maintain.As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that you may need help figuring out where to go with an idea or how to turn it into a business. I can help.I use proven, robust, backend technologies like Django and PostgreSQL, and lightweight modern Progressive Web App technologies to make clean and simple apps that users love.

Sample projects


Kava helps users find the best specialty coffee shops through an interactive map.
It has a social media timeline where users can share ratings, images and comments of the coffees they drink with their followers.
Kava has a clean, simple, minimalist design that suits the third-wave coffee industry.
I took Kava from the very initial idea right through to production release as a browser-installable Progressive Web App and subsequent approval as a native app on the App Store and Play Store.Django Python JavaScript PostgreSQL PWA iPhone Android Celery

TitleFormat is a simple web app and PWA that helps bloggers, journalists, and other writers easily format their headings into Title Case and optionally save them to local storage for future reference.The aims of this project were for a minimalist design and lightning-fast performance to deliver great user experience and aid SEO.Astro was the perfect tool as it helps create lightweight, high-performing web apps. It receives perfect Lighthouse scores.Astro JavaScript HTML CSS PWA

Screenshot of Title Case Converter

Project in progress...

I am working with an entrepreneur to turn her idea for a fun party game into a website and app. Think Cards Against Humanity but sillier.This app is less data-heavy than some of my other projects and the main requirements are seamless user experience and scalability.The app uses Vue.js with Pinia for state management and Firebase for data storage and authentification.Vue.js Vue3 Composition API Pinia Firebase Firestore

Soon-to-be-released app

"Sam, you nailed it. Looks and functions are exactly what I've been envisioning. Very excited." - ClientI worked with an entrepreneur to quickly turn his travel app idea into a clean, elegant product.The app makes pulls data from many different APIs including Google Maps. The data is processed by a recommendation algorithm I designed to provide tailored travel suggestions for the user.Django Python JavaScript PostgreSQL Google Maps API AWS

Skills & technologies


Trusted by many of the world's biggest apps and websites, this backend stack is highly flexible, secure, and scalable, and makes development quick and cost-effective.


PWAs are lightweight, next-gen apps installable directly from the browser. Cheap and fast to develop, they are perfect for small businesses or Proof of Concepts and MVPs.

iPhone &

Native apps available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store give your product discoverability, authenticity, and credibility.


The backbone of the web. I'm comfortable using these technologies both with and without frameworks.


Vue.js powers dynamic and interactive web applications and is known for its simplicity and versatility. Paired with Pinia, Vue.js enables efficient data handling and seamless synchronization throughout applications.


Astro is a new framework that is perfect for building simple websites where interactivity is less important. It is clean and lightweight, making page loads lightning fast and resulting in great SEO scores.

My full skillset and technology stack includes:
Python Django PostgreSQL HTML CSS JavaScript Vue3 Pinia Astro AJAX JSON Pillow Celery AWS SQS AWS S3 Git PWA Builder Firebase Firestore

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